Project no 7

The International Embededness
of Non-Military Conflict Interventions by Regional Actors in Africa
Institut für Entwicklung und Frieden (INEF)


Mona Saleh

more to come!


The International Embeddedness of Non-Military Conflict Interventions by Regional Actors in Africa

This sub-project addresses ECOWAS’s partnerships with African and non-African organizations in regional peacebuilding efforts, including mediation, early warning systems, and electoral assistance. It aims to develop a systematic framework for analyzing the interaction between African actors, regional institutions, and external actors, and its influence on agenda setting and the implementation of mediation and crisis prevention activities. The project has three primary objectives: Firstly, it aims to highlight African agency in African relations with external partners, emphasizing the role of external actors in supporting African-led initiatives and coordinating with the AU, ECOWAS, and regional mechanisms. Secondly, it seeks to unpack the financial dimension of ECOWAS’s non-military peace and security activities, examining funding sources, questions of influence and autonomy, and the nature of donor-recipient relationships. Lastly, the project aims to study the approaches and motivations of external actors, investigating their level of engagement or lack thereof with ECOWAS. By addressing these objectives, the sub-project emphasizes African agency in relations with external partners, explores the financial aspects of ECOWAS’s non-military activities, and investigates the engagement of external actors. The project seeks to contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the partnerships and dynamics involved in ECOWAS’s regional peacebuilding initiatives.

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