The pucture shows an empty space under a tree in Ghana with a person in a red dress in the background.
Picture (c) by Jasmin Schmitz

ANCIP in Ghana

In late August of 2023 one of our ANCIP-researchers travelled to Ghana to explore the Ghanian peace structures. Upon her arrival she had the opportunity to discuss peacebuilding mechanisms with public officials, academics and civil society. The objective of this research visit was to understand how different actors work together to foster peacebuilding. She also strove to gain in-sights into how the existing structures are prepared to adapt to changing conflict dynamics in Ghana and West Africa at large. To achieve this, she travelled to the country’s capital Accra and to the capital of the Northern Region, Tamale.

During her stay in Accra, Jasmin had the opportunity to discuss the working of the peace infrastructure with relevant institutions. Thanks to the many respondents, she was able to construct a clearer picture of how peacebuilding networks in Ghana operate and better understand how state and non-state, national, regional and local actors work together.

Jasmin continued her journey to Tamale to learn how local communities can participate in peacebuilding networks and which challenges they may face. In the Northern Region, Jasmin was able to speak with several local peace committees and better understand what local practices mean for sustaining peace in Northern Ghana.


ANCIP in Ghana, Field Research Report

August 20 – October 14, 2023
Accra and Tamale, Ghana


Jasmin Schmitz
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